The Leather-Links eList Subscription Center allows for you to Subscribe (Opt-In) to several eLists from our Network Members and Site Affiliates from one Subscription Form.

Our Network Members include the web sites that Leather-Links is the Webmaster for, and we are either the Web Hosting Company for our Site Affiliates, or they have paid to have their eList and/or Events listed on our Community Calendar on a continuous basis.

Opt-In Instructions

[1] Our subscription service is considered a DOUBLE OPT-IN service.

[2] When you subscribe to the different eLists we offer, the iContact system will send you an eMail with the subject line of: Confirm your subscription to Leather-Links eNews.

[3] Your subscription will be activated immediately upon clicking the link in that Confirmation eMail. This double opt-in method ensures that all subscribers to our eLists do indeed want to receive our eMails, and that no one can add your eMail address to a list without your consent. We can not add anyone to any eList without going through this process, and NO reminders are sent to follow up if you fail to confirm your subscription through the Confirmation eMail.

[4] If mail sent to you is bounced back to us for any reason 5 times, the system will terminate your account and you will have to re-subscribe.

[5] If you need to add our eMail Address to your "Whitelist" or "Approved Sender's List" so it is not marked as Spam, all of our mail will be sent from .

[6] To Opt-Out / Change the eList(s) you are subscribed to... You can modify/update your subscription via the Manage Your Subscription link at the bottom of any eMail sent to you.

[7] To forward any of our eMails to a friend, use the Forward This eMail link at the bottom of any eMail sent to you, as this will prevent your friend (or anyone else they would forward it along to) from using the 'Manage Your Subscription" link at the bottom of the eMail to change or un-subscribe you from your eList. ... or, just make sure you remove the 'Manage Your Subscription" link before forwarding it on your own.

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Privacy Notice:
All eLists are owned by The Leather-Links Information Network (not our Network Members). And we respect your privacy! Since we give you the option to subscribe to multiple Network Members eLists, you may receive information not related to the specific eList you have subscribed to based on how relevant we feel the information relates to an individual list. All Names & eMail Addresses are confidential solely to The Leather-Links Information Network. We will not sell, rent, loan or otherwise release your information to anyone without a court order.

You Will Receive A Request For Confirmation eMail Upon Which
You Must Respond For Your Subscription To Be Activated!